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AR available from March 9th 2018 to February 9th 2019.

'Trust Me, Love" will play at Scottish Rite Theatre from March 9th to 11th 2018!

The third episode of 'Columbus Myth' has been adapted for the stage!  Come participate in an interactive adventure as Dido navigates her cyborg society as a human.  Listen to the episode from which this stage play was adapted by pushing PLAY on the video below.  Thank you!

AR, Stage Play, Comic Book, and Film: a multi platform media event @

Follow calibration instructions, and Pick an Event!
Trust Me, Love – Columbus Myth by Kendra Dobson
App works best outside and better if Wifi connected.

@ The Scottish Rite – “Trust Me, Love” Event extends from the benches
under the magnolia tree near the entrance and in the auditorium.

We hope you enjoy augzoo ® !!!

Troubleshooting: Thick walls in buildings and the magnetic world around us may
effect connectivity and placement of some objects. Using augzoo ® near groups of
computers, air conditioning & refrigerator motors may affect placement as well.