Have a script that could use some extra attention? As a screenwriter, I can provide guidance so you can tell your story and receive the audience reaction you envision. Scripts that I have doctored were accepted into and shown at film festivals such as Capitol City Black Film Festival, Denton Black Film Festival, Gary International Black Film Festival and more. Good writing relationships can also turn into writing partnerships. Here's an example!

​     ​Have an idea for an interactive space or video game? My interest as an artist is in giving my audience agency to explore the concept of a story instead of presenting a story to them through one lens. Because of that, I have been drawn to create interactive art through storytelling for the past decade. Mirroring my artistic endeavors, I made it a priority to find "day-jobs" throughout my career that strengthen my understanding of audience interaction. From researching and writing for reality television on the development team at Al Roker Entertainment in 2008, to managing the house at theaters such as Delaware Theater Company and Zach Theatre for a combination of about three years, to interacting with millions of guests as a cast member at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom where the capacity is 100,000 (and I spent most of my day greeting guests at the front gate where over 56,000 guests entered per day), to working front of house for about five years at Austin City Limits (the longest running music television show in history), I have spent years watching audiences. I also work as an event technology specialist for conferences, meetings, events, etc. at hotels such as Hyatt, The W Hotel, Fairmont, Hilton, Driskill, Archer, Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt, and more. Setting up audio/visual needs for these events over the past two and a half years has strengthened my connection between the vision and the execution of creating an extravagant space for an engaged audience. I apply my acquired knowledge of audience interaction and audience engagement into my writing, along with my training (Bachelor's of Science in Screenwriting and Playwriting from Drexel University), when creating an interactive piece. Here's an example!      

Interactive and Video Game Writer

Services & Commissions