"For Lynda" 2.3

"Creating Matter" Episode 7

"For Lynda"  1.5

"Ground" Episode 10

"Fluid" Episode 6

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"Scientifically Criminal" Episode 2

Thank you for following me on my journey!  Some of you have been here from the start.  For those who are new, click around to listen to our very beginnings when we were recording, editing, and publishing with little resources, just to outrun our nerves, and get the ball rolling.  We have improved since then, and will keep improving with your support.  Thank you!

"For Lynda"  1.2

"For Lynda"  1.3

"Errors Of Perception" Episode 8

"Hidden Complexity" Episode 5

"For Lynda"  1.1

"Civil War" Episode 9

"Scientifically Criminal" Promo

"For Lynda" 2.2

"White Rabbit of CoShow" Episode 4

"For Lynda" 1.6

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"For Lynda" 2.1

"Trust Me, Love" Episode 3

"For Lynda"  1.4