Hidden Complexity is Kendra's first book. She writes science fiction through an African American perspective, and she refers to her work as Afrofuturist-Americana.  Globally, Afrofuturism is a literary genre that is rising to the sound of demand from an audience once ignored.  Social media has given this audience a place to check in.  Writers, like Kendra, can step downstage to see an audience who needs to hear these stories for the same reasons another audience, more mainstream, would need a catharsis spun for them.  Kendra understands that mainstream media and Hollywood are not ready for diverse perspectives, but she believes that real people are.  She likes to say that her stories are meant for a mainstream audience of the future, and we find this fitting since she writes speculative fiction.  

Kendra has a degree in Screenwriting and Playwriting from Drexel University.  She currently works a few part-time jobs as she builds her writing career.

Other works from Kendra Dobson:

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