Meet Author Kendra Dobson a.k.a. Kenson Dobdra

‚ÄčThis is a unique and specific world, and the writer clearly has a deep understanding of the rules of the world and the characters that populate the story. The writer chose a topic that is both popular and timely and therefore has the ability to reach a wide audience with this podcast.  I like that it's a strong, female character with a clear desire (to gain "Trust") and the concept of "Trust" as commodity is most interesting... 

Hidden Complexity is Kendra's first book. She writes science fiction through an African American perspective.  Globally, Afrofuturism is a literary genre that is rising to the sound of demand from an audience once ignored.  Social media has given this audience a place to check in.

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Dido feels torn between two worlds, one human and one cyborg. This original script by Kendra Dobson will take you on a journey into Kendra's Afrofuturist-Americana.
Included with each ticket is both a digital comic book valued at $9.99, AND 1-year access to an augmented reality app with illustrations by Lakeem Wilson.  

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